Tiffany Mixon


Hi all! I’ve been in the tattoo industry for almost 11 years. I have always loved art and competed in art shows from elementary school through college, and some of my pieces can still be found out in the wild. As a teenager, I became fascinated with tattoos and the culture within the industry. The idea of creating a walking gallery appealed greatly to me. I have been trained to tattoo in many styles, though I prefer to do colorful pieces that I can use my imagination to create. I’m open to working with you on the style and concept that you want but must note that I do not tattoo portraits of family members. One of my favorite aspects of tattooing is connecting with my clientele. I have met incredible people throughout this journey and it’s always an honor to tattoo them. Aside from creating art and spending time with my friends and family, I enjoy hot tea, books, metal music, Disney, and the gym!